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                                                                             November 04, 2020

Take Action

The proposed megamerger between T-Mobile and Sprint is bad news for consumers and workers. If the deal moves forward, it would mean higher prices, 30,000 lost jobs across the United States, and lower wages for wireless workers. The Department of Justice has already approved the merger, but we still have a chance to stop it.

A bipartisan group of 18 Attorneys General are pursuing a lawsuit to block the merger in an effort to stop these two corporate giants from gaining excessive market power at the expense of workers, consumers, and communities. Your Minnesota Attorney General is one of the 18 fighting to stop the merger, and they need to hear your support!


Recent News

A motion was made at the June Membership Meeting and passed that due to the holiday the July Membership meeting has been cancelled.  We will see everyone again in August.  Have a Happy and safe July 4th.

We are excited to launch the Union Strong App.  This will allow us to connect with our  members in a timely manner with news and announcements.  You can also download the UNION STRONG app from the app store  or click on the link https://unionstrong.app.link/cwa7200 Follow the promts to sign up as a new member.  Select your employer for proper approval.  Please allow push notifications. 


CWA Local 7200 was not involved in any way in the action concerning the National Guard. Local 7200 does not support the action. The action was not sanctioned by CWA at the District Level or National Level. Those involved acted without any notice to the CWA Minnesota State Council.

Nominations were held to fill the vacant seat of Secretary Treasurer at the March 3, 2021 membership meeting.

Richard Weber                                 Jaime Voelk

Ballots were mailed out Monday March 8, 2021. Ballots must be returned,  no later than March 24, 2021.  They will be counted on March 24, 2021.

The new Secretary Treasurer will be announced at the April 7, 2021 membership meeting.