The Summary should be a generic description that will entice users to click and read more. It should be 250 characters or less. For example, these three sentences contain 186 characters.
The two most recent articles with featured images show up under the Hero on the home page. Articles without featured images will be listed on the home page under Recent News, even if they are more recent than other articles with featured images.
You can use a video hosted on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, in place of a Featured Image. 1. Click Browse under Featured Image 2. Click the Web tab 3. Add the link to the video
Featured images are shown on landing pages and are used as preview images if Articles or Pages are shared on social media, like Facebook. They are also shown on the home page and news landing page for Articles.

1. If necessary, edit the file name of your PDF before uploading. The file name will be visible in the link and/or the file that is downloaded, so it should be descriptive and shoult not say things like draft-3, etc. Read more about PDF file names.

2. Use the media browser icon in the toolbar to upload the PDF

If a news entry doesn't have a featured image, it won't be one of the first featured news entries on the Home page or the News landing page.

CWA President Chris Shelton kicked off the conference with a rousing speech, stressing that "these are movement times, times when the fight for fundamental change in our system is on, and all of us must join."
To embed a Flickr album, you need to view the album as a user that is not logged in to Flickr. Copy the embed code and save it in the Body as Full HTML.