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Senior services:

The mission of the Department of Senior Services is to promote the well-being of all older adults through coordinated and cost-effective services which enhance their independence, dignity and quality of life.

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Erie County:   http://www2.erie.gov/seniorservices/

logoAbout The Dale Association: What is the Dale Association?
The Dale Association is a not-for-profit organization providing an umbrella of human services for adults of all ages.

Welcome to the World of Retirement,

The Western New York Retirees Chapter invites you to attend our next scheduled meeting shown on our calendar of events. Our mission is to serve fellow retirees as we offer camaraderie  while enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. Join in the discussion of senior health, bargaining, including concerns how politics shape our every day life.

As part of our outreach program -

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Working with our partners our goal is educating the uneducated protecting the life line seniors have enjoyed like:

Social Security, Medicare and of course to make medicaid a primary issue protecting the rights of others like - the disadvantge - children, the poor and the disabled.