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What do we want? NEUTRALITY!

When do we want it? NOW!

So, what is neutrality?

In the United States, when workers seek union representation, management has a choice in how to respond.  It can be neutral in the organizing drive, accepting workers' decisions regarding union representation without employer propaganda/pressure; it can favor unionization, so long as it does not financially support the union or pressure workers to unionize; or, as is common, it can actively oppose the organizing effort.

While many employers choose to oppose unionization, some eventually decide to remain neutral. We believe it is in Santander’s best interest to remain neutral.

Neutrality means that when workers are deciding whether or not to join the union the employer does not do anything to help or hinder the decision.

Santander workers are asking their employer to make a clear declaration to the employees that they will not interfere in worker decisions about union participation and will not take reprisals against any worker who chooses to join.

Santander workers are also asking their employer to instruct and train all US-based management so that no manager or supervisor interferes in the employees’ decision to participate or not in a union. And if a majority of the employees demonstrate interest in union representation and a collective voice at work, Santander should recognize the organization and enter into collective bargaining.

See the workers’ letter to Santander demanding neutrality here:



Additional Letters of support:

PDF iconLetter of Support From Italian Unions who represent Santander workers