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About Us

THE NEWSGUILD-CWA  is the premier media union in North America, representing 25,000 journalists and other media workers in today’s digital and traditional news organizations.

Across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, NewsGuild’s members work at newspapers, magazines, news services, digital news sites and broadcast news (Canada’s esteemed CBC, for example). NewsGuild members include reporters, columnists, copy editors, photojournalists, graphic designers, editorial cartoonists and others in today’s newsrooms. Additionally, the Guild represents workers in advertising, circulation, business offices and other departments essential to the success of print and online publications. A vital part of NewsGuild’s mission is as a strong, international voice for freedom of the press, free speech and the freedom and safety of journalists around the world. As the NewsGuild-CWA has grown and evolved since its birth as a print journalists’ union in 1933, the range of communications workers it represents has broadened. Members today include foreign-language and sign-language interpreters and translators who work in the courts, at hospitals and by phone and internet connection nationwide. NewsGuild also represents a variety of public service workers, including staffs of unions, social justice organizations and such services as a national center helping sexual assault victims.


The Guild's Mission

Article I of The NewsGuild-CWA's constitution establishes our mission. It says: "The purpose of The Newspaper Guild shall be to:

  • Advance the economic interests and to improve the working conditions of its members;
  • Guarantee, as far as it is able, equal employment and advancement opportunity in the newspaper industry and constant honesty in news, editorials, advertising, and business practices;
  • Raise the standards of journalism and ethics of the industry;
  • Foster friendly cooperation with all other workers;
  • Promote industrial unionism in the jurisdiction of the Guild."