COVID - 19 Resources / Update

May 4, 2020
To:CWA T&T Local Presidents
Re:COVID-19 Resources / Update
Sisters and Brothers,
First and foremost I want to thank you for everything you are doing during this difficult time.  Your bravery and dedication are second to none. CWA has been working hard to provide up to date resources and information for our members and local leaders. Please review with COVID-19 resources.
Being represented by a Union is more important than ever to ensure safe working conditions and protections during this pandemic.  Unfortunately there are millions of workers who are not as fortunate. CWA also put together important resources for non-represented workers. provides important COVID-19 resources for those without a Union. We have had many workers contact us requesting more information about joining a Union.  Please share this with your family, friends and co-workers so they have this important information for people they know who
DO NOT have Union protection.  Please contact our office via e-mail with any questions.  Thank you again for everything you do each and every day. Be safe and stay healthy.
In Solidarity,
Lisa M. Bolton, Vice President
CWA Telecommunications & Technologies