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The Halifax Typographical Union, founded in 1869, is one of the oldest unions in Canada. The newsroom workers joined composing room and pressroom members in 1999.

Until the current management of The Chronicle Herald locked out the 13 members of our pressroom unit in January 2015, the union had never been involved in a labour dispute. The company forced 61 members of the newsroom unit into a defensive strike one year later.

Our 72 members work in the pressroom, composing room/prepress, newsroom and library of The Chronicle Herald.

The HTU is Local 30130 of CWA Canada, which represents 6,000 media workers at news organizations across the country, including major newspapers, the CBC and The Canadian Press. Along with The News Guild, it is part of the 700,000-strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), which has a $400-million strike fund to defend its members’ interests.

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