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For Member's & Families' issues with life crises including substance abuse & mental health issues among others, please contact our MAP chairs:

Art Behnam 1(925)451-8912

Ian Niderost 1(510)304-2675


Mental Health Questionnaire & Resources

NIH Suicide Prevention & Resources

AT&T EAP Bargained-For Resources

AT&T Optum Spectrum

Optum Resources

 Retirement Planning

 CWA Local 9412 Members!

We are excited to invite you to participate in the Road to Retirement

Road to Retirement is a retirement education program available exclusively to union members.  Through the program, you can learn about more than 13 important retirement planning topics, including: Timing Social Security Benefits, Medicare Basics, Retirement Benefits, 401(k) Basics, How to Choose a Financial Professional, Essential Retirement Planning Steps, and many more.  

The workshops are offered monthly in a convenient 20-minute online webinar format.  Some workshops are also offered via in-person events.  

At NettWorth Financial Group, everything we do is centered around helping you to better understand how to have a happy and fulfilling retirement.  Participation in the Road to Retirement education series will surely set you on your way.   

To learn more or sign up for a workshop, simply go to


Webinar Dates

NFG Road to Retirement Flyer