CWA Local 1133

COVID Survivors for Change, a national group of families of COVID victims and survivors, will lead a National COVID-19 Remembrance on Sunday, October 4.

One of the biggest elections of our lifetime is coming up in November.

Recent News

Officer & Executive Board nominations will be held on Thursday, October 1st, from 7 am to 3 pm.  Any member from Mercy Hospital can be nominated for the 6 Executive Board positions, as well as any Officer position.  Any member from Kenmore Mercy Hospital can be nominated for 1 Executive Board position and/or any Officer position.  To nominate someone, call CWA Local 1133 at 828-1133 during the time frame stated above and ask to speak to someone from the Election Committee.  This statement has been authorized by the CWA Local 1133 Election Committee.  

At an informational picket in front of South Buffalo Mercy Hospital on August 27th, President Deb Arnet called on our NYS legislators to push for passage of the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act and raise revenue now to staff our healthcare centers.  

Day of Action CWA 1133 group photo 8.27.2020

Eight months after it was due to be released, the NY Department of Health has finally released it's Safe Staffing report, about which many of our members testified, sent emails, and made phonecalls late last year. Please read District 1's full statement on the report below:

Contract Extension Results:  The Extension has been ratified by a 68% yes vote. We thank everyone who came out to vote.

Covid-19 Rapid Testing Sites in WNY

Email chcovid 19 or call Sharon Scime', RN, at 716:697-1895, Chris Anderson, RN, at 716:430-5087 (MHOB) or Vanessa Quinn, RN, at 716:465-1850 (KMH) for questions/concerns in your Department.  


For people who are prevented from working solely to be in quarantine, the following progression will apply: ESL, PTO, then regular wages. The only exception to that would be people who travel despite the ban Catholic Health just put in place and then get quarantined as a result. Those individuals would be required to use PTO and then go without pay.

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