CWA Local 1133

Workplace violence has been on the rise over the last few months.  Please maintain, if possible, your personal space (approximately a two-arms length away) from patients.  Don't block yourself in a room.  Position yourself close to the door or exit.  Stand aside the patient; not directly in front of them.  Stay calm!  Call for help from co-workers, Security and/or Buffalo Police.  Stay safe!  Fill out the Workplace Violence report.  Call your supervisor.  Take time away if needed to re-focus!  We investigate all WPV reports during our H&S Committee Meetings.
Sharon Scime', RN, Health & Safety Director
If you are experiencing any Health & Safety issues with Covid-19, PPE, Work Place Violence, Environmental concerns, Safe Patient Handling, or any other issues, please don't hesitate to call me at 828-1133, extension 14.  I am in the Local on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If urgent or time sensitive, call my cell at 716:697-1895.  
Sharon Scime', Health & Safety Director  


For people who are prevented from working solely to be in quarantine, the following progression will apply: ESL, PTO, then regular wages. The only exception to that would be people who travel despite the ban Catholic Health just put in place and then get quarantined as a result. Those individuals would be required to use PTO and then go without pay.

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