CWA Local 1133

March is Women's (Labor) History Month, honoring the many contributions women have made - and are making- to our country.  May we suggest AFSCME"s Women's Labor History, for biographies of a number of prominent women labor leaders and a "Women in Labor History Timeline" and CLUW's section on "Women's Rights" which provides links to such topics as pay equity, gender discrimination, child care, the Family and Medical Leave Act, minority rights, sexual harrassment and sex discrimination among others.
If you are experiencing any Health & Safety issues with Covid-19, PPE, Work Place Violence, Environmental concerns, Safe Patient Handling, or any other issues, please don't hesitate to call me at 828-1133, extension 14.  I am in the Local on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If urgent or time sensitive, call my cell at 716:697-1895.  
Sharon Scime', Health & Safety Director  


For people who are prevented from working solely to be in quarantine, the following progression will apply: ESL, PTO, then regular wages. The only exception to that would be people who travel despite the ban Catholic Health just put in place and then get quarantined as a result. Those individuals would be required to use PTO and then go without pay.

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