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Pelosi's Legacy of Leadership, Putting Workers First, for the Next Generation to Follow

17 Nov, 2022


For the last two decades, Nancy Pelosi has been a political powerhouse. As the Democratic Party's longest-serving House leader and the first woman to serve as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, she oversaw passage of some of the most significant legislative accomplishments of the last half-century and leaves behind a legacy of exemplary leadership that has resulted in key wins for CWA members and working people. Recently, under the leadership of the most pro-union President in our history, Pelosi played a key role in ensuring that Congress passed major legislative packages that are essential to the President’s worker-focused agenda. From the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to the Inflation Reduction Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and more, Pelosi’s unquestionable support for working people and skilled leadership has led to important legislative victories that have widened the path to prosperity for millions of Americans by creating good-paying, union-protected jobs. Additionally, her role securing trillions of dollars in emergency relief through the COVID-19 pandemic, guiding the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and steering the Congressional response to the Great Recession cannot be understated.

Right now, workers are taking part in an organizing wave that is reaching workplaces across the country. For the first time in decades, support for unions is at an all-time high. Despite the increasing desire to improve their workplaces by forming a union, workers still face outrageous hurdles to exercising their right to have a voice on the job. Under Pelosi’s leadership, the Democratic House has twice passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to tear down these barriers and empower every worker to fight for a seat at the table. Pelosi’s commitment to working people stretches from the halls of Congress to the picket line. Time and time again, she has shown up for CWA members, including during our strike at Verizon in 2016, and provided much needed encouragement in our fight against big corporations. As CWA members, we will continue to honor Pelosi’s legacy and work with our allies in Congress to fight back against anti-worker, pro-corporation lawmakers who seek to weaken our power and diminish our rights. Pelosi’s announcement to stay in Congress and serve as a mentor for the next generation of leaders is welcome news to CWA members who will undoubtedly continue to benefit from her wisdom and staunch support for working people.

On behalf of our hundreds of thousands of members, the entire labor movement, and working people everywhere, we thank Pelosi for the incredible leadership she has shown in Congress, especially during the extraordinarily challenging times of the last few years.


About CWA: The Communications Workers of America represents working people in telecommunications, customer service, media, airlines, health care, public service and education, manufacturing, tech, and other fields.