How To Upload PDFs

1. If necessary, edit the file name of your PDF before uploading. The file name will be visible in the link and/or the file that is downloaded, so it should be descriptive and shoult not say things like draft-3, etc. Read more about PDF file names.

2. Use the media browser icon in the toolbar to upload the PDF

3. Select the default layout

4. Title field - leave this blank

5. Click Submit

This will give you a link like the following:

PDF icon cwa-history-brief-review.pdf

After uploading the PDF, you can edit the linked text. Put your cursor within the linked text, which is shown as blue in the editor and in this example says "cwa-history-brief-review.pdf." Then, type or edit the text appropriately, to end up with a link like this:

PDF icon  CWA History - A Brief Overview