Mesa Airlines is a contract carrier that was started in Farmington N.M. in 1982. Our Main office was moved to Phoenix AZ. in 1998, where it remains today. We fly for both United and American Airlines. Currently there are two (2) United bases located in Dulles, VA., and Houston, TX., and three (3) American bases located in Phoenix, AZ., Dallas- Fort Worth, TX., and Louisville, KY.

Mesa Flight Attendants became a part of AFA on April 11, 1997. We are on our fourth (4th) contract with negotiations for a new contract beginning in October of 2021. 

There are over one thousand (1000) Flight Attendants at Mesa and we are currently holding new hire classes twice a month.



The Negotiations Survey will be sent to members in good standing at 12:00 PHX time tomorrow, July 30, 2021. You will have until 23:59 on Friday, August 20, 2021 to complete and submit your answers. Follow instructions CAREFULLY!
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