2020 CenturyLink Bargaining Committee

Valerie Packer (CWA Local 7621)

Sixteen years experience in call center and outside technician.

2004-2006 Chief Steward, 2007-2013 Compensation Oversight Committee, 2009 Organizing Institute training, 2008-present Partners in Education, 2010-2015 National Customer Service Advocate Committee, 2006-present CWA Convention & Idaho AFL-CIO Convention, 2006-2016 EVP CWA Local 7621, 2018-present Pacific Northwest Council


Jake Williams (CWA Local 7804)

Twenty-eight years Network/Broadband Technician and CDT.

2015-present President CWA Local 7804, 2016-present CWA Executive Work Council, 2008-2015 VP CWA Local 7804, 2008-2015 CWA Washington State Council, 2005-2008 Secretary/Treasurer CWA Local 7804, 2002-2008 Chief Steward CWA Local 7804, 1996-2008 Executive Board CWA Local 7804


Jeremiah Clever (CWA Local 7603)

Twenty years Network Technician.

Executive Vice President CWA Local 7603, 1999-present Steward CWA Local 7603


Gregg Sherwood (CWA Local 7777)

Twenty-one years Network/Broadband Technician.

2017 CWA Legacy Qwest Bargaining Committee, 2016-present Steward CWA Local 7777, 2009-2015 President CWA Washington State Council, 2008-2015 President CWA Local 7804, 2001-2008 Chief Steward CWA Local 7804, 2003 CWA Leadership School