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Hi everyone,

I have decided that we need to cancel our April retiree meeting.

Safety for all of us is the priority.  Please let any others you are in contact with know.  Hopefully this will again soon return to what we all think of as normal. 

Carol Dozois,



Retiree Benefits

Retirees will be offered the same plans as active employees.

All Caps remain as outlined in the letter of agreement in the CBA:

Non-Medicare eligible retirees the amount is $6,250 per retiree and $6,250 for spouse

Medicare eligible retirees will continue to receive $2, 570 per retiree and $2,570 for spouse which is funded through a HRA Health reimbursement account, also known as YSA Your spending account.  Nothing is changing for Medicare eligible retirees.

2020 change: Waive vs Suspend for Retirees.