A few pictures from our Lobbying trip to DC. Ben showing the power of the chief steward.

Conference in DC

Marty Walsh Secretary of Labor

May, 2022. One of our Union Sisters, Terri Tauro is running for State Rep in the 8th Essex District. Even though we are not located in that district we are offering our support to her. Currently we are providing her with campaine buttons, but if you know someone who lives in the 8th Essex District reach out to them and ask them to support Terri Tauro. I can't tell how important it is that we get pro worker, pro labor officals elected. Please support Terri Tauro. If you would like to know how else you can help reach out to me at (413) 442-6996. Let's support our Union Sister!

Saturday April 23, 2022 members of Local 255 stood with Members of UFCW Local 1459 members in front of Berkshire Roots on Dalton Avenue to protest the company stalling contract negoiations for almost a year now.

April, 2021. Welcome to our new members in Jericho,VT.  Former Local 248 at GDOTS merged with Local 255 in April of 2021.  Our dedicated members at the Ethan Allen Firing Range test fire weapons to ensure our warfighter's are getting quality weapon systems to defend our country.

Elections are coming!!