CWA Local 7070

School Reopening Memoranda of Understanding

Between the Albuquerque Public Schools and the Communications Workers of

ALL STUDENTS BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! In person learning will resume back on April 5th. No more hybrid learning, custodial schedules will go back to the normal "night custodial" hours.

Recent News

Notice to all employees. We have been going over changes to some Bylaws that govern our Local, we will present them to the membership this weekend at the membership meeting this weekend.

If you have not attended a membership "Zoom" meeting please follow the steps already listed in the recent articles send your email to Phillip he will send you the link to attend.


I have been contacted by several members regarding the District mandated "Covid 19" testing of all employees.

This is the official response/position of the Union and it's members. Anytime the District mandates any type of "new testing" where it changes the terms & conditions of employment, ANY AND ALL TESTING MUST BE DONE DURING THE COURSE OF THE EMPLOYEES DUTY DAY!!!!

We will begin our virtual zoom membership meetings this Saturday, December 5th @ 9:00am. Please be sure the Local has your updated email so we can send you out the zoom link. If you are unsure if we have it, please send your email to [email protected] before Friday evening, that's when the email will be sent to the members we have on our list who attend the meetings regularly.

At this point, we have 2 vendors you can go to for your safety shoes. These vendors are Work Ware, & Red Wing. Yes, Red Wing is back. APS has issued a temporary hold on Boot Barn. We will add that vendor to the list when it has been released, in the event it is released.

Please remember to take advantage of the USE OF YOUR ENTIRE $160.00 voucher, you can obviously get your safety shoes, and with the remainder you can purchase in-souls, arch supports, & anything else directly related to the shoe/boot.