UPDATE from AT&T regarding COVID-19

Today, we received updates from AT&T concerning the COVID-19.


First, Management is asking Locals to stop making Requests For Information (RFI's) relative to the COVID-19 situation through local managers. Going forward, all COVID-19 related questions from Locals should be forwarded to me at [email protected].  

The Company will also provide up to an additional 80 hours of paid leave time under a variety of COVID-19 circumstances. For example, if a school is forced to close due to the spread of COVID-19, and the employee is the child’s sole provider of care, the Company will provide up to 80 hours of paid leave time without the employee being required to use any of their contractual leave or time off. Allowances will also be made for high risk individuals to stay at home, depending on conditions and circumstances (60 and over, pregnant, heart disease, etc.), to use this extra 80 paid hours of leave time.

The Company has also advised that there will not be a surplus declaration this quarter due to uncertainties surrounding the spread of the coronavirus disease. For example, it is impossible for the Company to predict how many employees they will need to back-fill for others due to the virus. If a significant number of employees are out due to the virus, contractors will be used solely to fill gaps where needed, but management will not exploit this as a means to contract out more work.

The Company is working to provide wipes and sanitizers in Mobility Stores to wipe down phones when handling them from customers.

During the conference call I held with all District 6 Locals last Thursday, March 5, a couple of questions were asked. One of these was from Local 6200 asking about Home Dispatch being discontinued for employees in a specific area. A new Director has confirmed there were employees on Home Dispatch outside of the distance guidelines and, after evaluating associated factors, it has been determined that those employees need to be taken off Home Dispatch.

Finally, there was a question regarding loaned out technicians. For now, the Company has decided to keep loaned employees where they are at. However, changes may take place after further evaluation based on the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Likewise, no change has been made relative to the Company’s policy regarding employees from other areas being loaned into District 6 at this time.

Let me remind all of you that this is a work in progress and information is evolving daily. We have not had to address a health crisis of this nature in our lifetimes that is so adversely affecting our work life and personal time off with family. Let me assure all of you we will share updates as we receive them.