CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #32

We thought that today might be the day AT$T was going to get serious about bargaining….

The Company continues to indicate that they would like to reach an agreement by midnight on Saturday, but their proposals and theircontinuous rejection of our proposals seems to indicate that those words are hollow and without meaning. It appears that the contract agreement that they would like to reach does not include us or any of our ideas or concerns.

This morning the company rejected the Union’s second proposal onArticle 26 (Training and Employment Security). They then counteredUnion proposals on Appendices A19 and A20 (Employment Security Commitment) and (Extended Employment Opportunity Period) by proposing to eliminate ESC and drastically change EEOP to the detriment of CWA members. There were additional proposals onAppendix A2 (Training Opportunity Plan), and a letter regardingMobility Retail Job Offers.

The committee also spent a significant amount of time analyzing the company’s proposal on Appendix A36 (Benefits Rules for Movement) to make sure any members transferring between AT$T Operating Companies do not suffer any unanticipated changes to their negotiated plans.

Don’t forget to pack up your personal belongings from your desks, cubicles, & trucks by end of business Friday the 13th.

AT&T needs to hear our voices across the Midwest LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

They say give back.  We say Fight Back!