CWA’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Pandemic Response

 CWA’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Pandemic Response

1.  Latest Information on COVID-19

  1. a.   Symptoms
  2. b.   Hazard Recognition
  3. c.    Reported infections in the US
  4. d.   Reported infections in Canada 

2.   District/Sector/Division Response Structure

  1. a.   District 3 point of contact for Locals and Staff is Billy O’Dell, to assist with:

                     i.        Identify Confirmed, Exposed or High Risk

                   ii.        Incident tracking form

3.   Coordination with Locals

  1. a.   Communication with Local Presidents
  2. b.   Engage Local Health and Safety Committees
  3. c.    Identify worksite points of contact in high risk units for rapid response
  4. d.   Review the Local’s Internal Protocols for Local Union Halls and Events

4.  Communication with Employers (Suggested Questions/Topics)

  1. a.   Pandemic Protocols – what are employer protocols regarding:

  i. Infection contact tracing?

 ii. Symptoms reporting protocol

iii. Business/work contingency planning

  1. b.   CBA Language

 i. Sick Leave – for self or family

ii. Exposure, Contagious, Quarantine, At Risk & Safety 

5.  Resources

  1. a.   CWA Union Approach Infectious Disease Training - Infectious Disease Trainers
  2. b.   OSHA - Protecting Workers During a Pandemic
  3. c.    OSHA - Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Guide for Healthcare Workers & Employers