Message from David Robinson

Dear Members:

As you know, bargaining is right around the corner. This will make 2019 a very busy year.

Please try to save some money in case we strike because we will have to stay out until we get a fair contract.

The job stewards will begin collecting your personal cell phone numbers, email address and t-shirt size. When we have all of this information, we will order new shirts for everyone. Also, we will build text groups so we can contact you quickly with the latest information about bargaining, pickets, strike, etc...

Bargaining suggestion forms are being circulated around the work centers and are available for you to print on the Local 3218 website or on Facebook. Since we all work for the memebership, your bargaining suggestions are what will be used by the bargaining team. Please fill these out and return to the Local by March 15th.

In our efforts to ensure we receive a fair contract, we as a district will engage in many mobilization efforts. Some of these efforts are to wear blue on Mondays, white on Wednesdays, and red or orange on Thursdays. Also, put a red shirt on your chair at your work center and the passenger seat of your vehicle. We want techs to put in $20.19 or your Local ($32.18) in your gas tanks. Another effort is to have your work group or work center to walk in together in the mornings. Be sure and join the District 3 Facebook page. Take pictures of your mobilization efforts on post them on Facebook. All of this will bring attention to A T & T that we are united and demand a fair contract.

There will be some mobilization classes between now and August at the Local. Please let me or one of the Officers know if you are interested in attending.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call the Hall.

In Unity,

David Robinson