We understand that members working from home are loving it. It has been wonderful for the safety of our members. But, it will come to an end once it is safe to return to your regular work locations. Please understand that the conditions of your current contract and the conditions of a permanent work at home contract are very different. Please educate yourselves by attending your local union meetings and talking to your officers about the differences. 

All union meetings are postponed until we reach a safe stage. If something needs addressed or discussed, please notify and officer and we can get a conference call together. 

CWA has been pushing hard against Frontier to help with our workplace safety during this crisis. Although it has not yet been received in writing it should be by this evening or morning that Frontier technicians should not be going in homes or businesses. PERIOD. Until this is over. One exception is a hospital and they are to provide all appropriate PPE.  Also FTR has said that masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and other ppe is being delivered as we speak. If you see new suppliers coming in please inform John Paugh or another officer. These supplies are limited. Take just what you need.