Letter to Members on Partially Paid Child Care Leave

Dear Traffic Supervisors:

As you know, we have been fighting with the Police Department and the Mayor over your unfair and outrageous exclusion from the Partially Paid Child Care Leave program implemented by the city.

Attached please see the letter we wrote to Mayor deBlasio about this late last week.  As of today, we have not received an answer.

We are not giving up the fight to obtain this leave, which we know that many of you desperately need.

We plan to file a Step III grievance protesting the city’s continued refusal to do the right thing by Traffic Enforcement Agents and Supervisors.

We may consider other kinds of actions against the PD and the City.  Please stay tuned for further information.

Thank you for all the incredible hard work you are doing for the people of New York City, and for the sacrifices you are making.

Wayne Poole,
Temporary Administrator