CH Health & Safety Mission Statement

CWA and SEIU are asking the following of Catholic Health, Mercy Hospital, Kenmore Mercy Hospital, St. Joseph Campus, and Mount Saint Mary’s Hospital for our members working at each site:

  1. Catholic Health Hospitals (CHS management) shall implement plans and protocols in response to COVID-19 based on the precautionary principle, which holds that lacking scientific consensus that a proposed action, policy, or act is not harmful – particularly if that harm has the potential to be catastrophic – the maximum safeguards should be pursued.
  2. Each Catholic Health Hospital shall regularly and clearly communicate all COVID-19 policies, protocols, procedures, and updates with CWA and SEIU members.
  3. CHS management shall conduct a thorough investigation after a COVID patient or employee is identified to ensure all staff and individuals who were potentially exposed are identified and notified as soon as possible, but no longer than 72 hours later. Workers, along with CWA and SEIU, should be notified of potential exposure as soon as CHS management is aware when there is a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case involving patients or employees, the specific location(s) where the potential exposures occurred and the dates of the potential exposures.
  4. CHS management shall provide health and safety education and training for all health care workers, including training on protective gear, donning and doffing, and all other protocols relating to COVID-19. 
  5. CHS management shall perform fit-testing for any new respirator make or model that employees were not fit-tested for previously.
  6. CHS management shall plan for another potential surge of patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19, including plans to isolate, cohort, and to provide safe staffing. CHS management shall stockpile a sufficient supply of all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in anticipation of a surge. The supply shall ensure there is enough of a supply to eliminate the need for reuse or extended use of respirators and other items. If need for new or comparable PPE is required, CWA and SEIU will be notified in writing immediately along with the rationale for the change in PPE.  CHS management shall also communicate to CWA and SEIU how much they have in supplies daily, and if that is not feasible then weekly.
  7. Catholic Health Hospitals (consistent with the Governor’s Executive Order) shall not perform any elective surgery or procedure for patients until each such patient has tested negative for COVID-19 through an approved diagnostic test.  All patients with COVID-19 tests pending shall be treated as a PUI until such test result has been received. Patients who are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test in any area of the facility shall be isolated so as not to expose other patients or employees. Patients who are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test shall not be sent to other departments for any other testing related to their surgery, by any physician or other personnel, until there is confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test result. This policy shall be communicated to all personnel and strictly enforced.
  8. All outpatient elective surgery patients shall have their negative COVID-19 test results before they are admitted to the Hospital for their surgery.
  9. Each Catholic Health Hospital shall notify CWA and SEIU of any potential changes in COVID-19 policies, procedures, or protocols. CHS management shall provide CWA and SEIU all communications sent to employees, prior to, but no later than when those communications are disseminated to employees.

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