CWA 4008

Yesterday afternoon the Union advised the Company that we wanted to return to the table to meet and pass additional proposals. The Union Committee also had prepared a statement to present to the Company to address their comments from Friday and again explain what it would take to reach an agreement on a contract.

Yesterday morning the Union Committee met with the Company Committee and passed the following proposals;

The Union has been meeting with the Company today and discussions are continuing tonight.

A more detailed report will be sent out sometime tomorrow outlining the results from these meetings.


Yesterday, the Union met with the Company in informal discussions around Article 26 (Training and Employment Security), Employment Security Commitment and EEOP. These discussions continued to be frustrating. We also had continued discussions about adding work to the unit and issues surrounding appendices. There was some candid discussion, but no real progress was made.

Over the weekend, the Company provided the Union with the additional information that we had requested regarding the offer that AT&T had communicated directly to our membership. After exhaustively reviewing this information, specifically the health care portion, we are convinced that the details that were left out or left unexplained make this offer even more detrimental to CWA members than we previously believed.

After reviewing the so called final offer that the company presented the Union earlier this week, one thing is certain; this offer does not meet the needs of CWA members in the Midwest.

To further explain the company’s propaganda pieces that went out yesterday and today the bargaining committee wants to clarify a number of issues.

So, let’s talk about the AT&T’s so called final offer and their desire to be transparent. The company wants you to know what is in their latest offer but we need you to know the particulars that they left out.

This afternoon the Company presented the Union with a 5th comprehensive package proposal that they termed as “final”. The Company has moved towards the Union’s direction on some issues, but it doesn’t appear that we are where we need to be yet.

As usual, the email the Company sent out this afternoon highlights some positives in their proposal, but leaves out the many diminishments and retrogressive proposals that CWA members will not accept.