CWA 4008

This afternoon the Company presented the Union with a 5th comprehensive package proposal that they termed as “final”. The Company has moved towards the Union’s direction on some issues, but it doesn’t appear that we are where we need to be yet.

As usual, the email the Company sent out this afternoon highlights some positives in their proposal, but leaves out the many diminishments and retrogressive proposals that CWA members will not accept.

The Union committee has continued to review information and proposals while awaiting the company’s call to return to the table.

The mobilization activities over the weekend was great to see, from the rally in Detroit, Michigan, to the multitude of other inspiring actions across the Midwest!

Keep up the Fight!  Mobilize!

The Union committee has been continuing work on crafting proposals to create and retain jobs for CWA members in all departments covered by the Midwest contract.

Since the Union met with the Company earlier this week, AT&T has not responded to our ideas. It appears that they are still maintaining their positions of high health care costs, less employment, and weaker job security

The Union committee continued internal discussions today around bringing work into the Midwest region.

The Union met with the Company this afternoon to outline the Union’s positions on the major items; such as Job Security, Benefits, Wages and adding work to the bargaining unit.

We also outlined our positions on the remainder of the open items at this time.

The committee spent time today analyzing relevant data that the Union requested from the Company to help the committee understand AT&T’s proposals and their responses to Union proposals.

The areas of job security, benefits and work rules continue to be major points of contention.

Committee met with the Company to continue to vocalize our demands for job security, including the Employment Security Commitment and the Extended Employment Opportunity Period.

Today, the Benefits Sub-Committee met to continue work on our proposals for pensions and savings and security plans that will meet CWA members’ needs for a secure retirement.

Yesterday, the Union and the Company met, and tentative agreements were reached on Appendix B2 (Regarding Service Technician, etc.), Appendix G (SBC Global Services Main MOA), and numerous articles around economic protection and scheduling of time off.

The Customer Operations Specialist committee met and reached tentative agreements on Attachments 1-5 and a letter regarding the Wellness Program.

Today the Union committee rejected the Company’s fourth package proposal, in totality, which was presented to the Union yesterday.

We continued work on crafting improvements to Monitoring, Article 26, and the Appendices. The Union Committee then met with the Company this afternoon and passed proposals that reflect these improvements.