CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #76

There have been no breakthroughs in negotiations yet this week. This committee has continued to lookfor ways to draw AT&T off their current stances and address the concerns that CWA members have identified. But apparently no one is home! Perhaps they are too busy celebrating the TW deal.

While we received some data request information from the company, we are still waiting for AT&T to respond to numerous other information requests, some of which are subject to charges that we have filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The Board has not yet ruled on these charges. Without this information, it is difficult to develop appropriate contract language without knowing all the facts surrounding the issues we are trying to address.

The union and company committees continue to be available to meet as conditions warrant.

Our unwavering commitment to reach a fair agreement remains unchanged.

We will send our next bargaining report as soon as we have any meaningful developments.

Stay strong and united!