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CWA District 9 Oppose SB649

 Dear Local Presidents,

This session we Opposed the AT&T/Verizon/ telecom industry bill: SB 649 (Hueso) Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. The bill squeaked out of Senate Concurrence last week by 2 votes and now sits on the Governor's desk.

We want him to stamp it VETOED! As part of a large Opposition Coalition that includes hundreds of cities, counties, Labor, environmentalist and public health groups- with your Locals help we believe we can kill this bill!

SB 649 is a corporate power grab that would strip authority from local county and city governments and give it to the telecoms.

Under this bill, AT&T, Verizon et al, will have the right in CA to force up to an estimated 50,000 wireless antennas onto public owned infrastructure and right-of-ways - despite what the local City and County governments and community residents want.

The claimed purpose of this bill is to facilitate the roll out of wireless 5G networks, but fits perfectly with the telecom’s strategy to abandon much of their wireline network and force the migration to wireless service.

There are more details about this corporate power grab/deregulation bill in the attachments.

Don't let AT&T write our laws

We need your help!

Actions… Calls!

Please have as many of your members as possible call into the Governor's office to request a Veto!

Please take a few moments to contact the Governor’s Office, call: (916) 445 2841


"Hello, my name is (X) . I'm calling from CWA Local (X) in (city or county X). We stand with (X) County and the Cities of (X,X,- choose from attached list of opposing cities & counties) in requesting that Governor Brown veto SB 649."

"Our union strongly supports policies to advance high speed, next generation communications networks - this bill does nothing to advance those goals. It is a cynical de-regulation corporate power grab, and CWA stands with over 300 cities and counties, in respectfully requesting the Governor's veto for SB 649."

?2?. We need to "paper" the Governor's office

Use the attached template letter provided to print and fax to Governor Jerry Brown’s office at 916-558-3160.

If your Local has letterhead please use it. Also use the attached list of over 300 cities and counties who we are standing with to insert into the appropriate spot in your letter.

To email to Governor Brown, use the attached list to insert the information into the template letter, then you will need to do a copy & paste of the template letter and insert into the Email field. Go to the Governor’s email page here: 39mail

In Unity,

Liz Sorenson, Area/Political Director
CWA District 9
2804 Gateway Oaks Dr., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95843
Office: 916-921-4500
Cell: 916-335-6892
Email: [email protected]

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