CWA Local 9410

BARGAINING Updates and PRIORITIES 2016 click to read more

 We must have the engagement and involvement of EVERY member in mobilization activities and events to let the company know that we are in it to win it, and obtain what we deserve!

Among some of the priorities for this round are issues around improving Job Security, Health Care, Pension, 401k, along with addressing the issues involved with our Premise Techicians and with other various titles, and not forgetting about our retirees!

While improvements are definitely needed, we cannot set lofty and unattainable expectations that we can never reach or we will end up with the same disappointment that we suffered last round..especially in the Premise Technician title. 

While the agreements reached in the other Districts, certainly have an impact on our negotiations, we are still the masters of our own fate.

We can all stand on the sidelines and simply take whatever is offered, or we can stand together here in District 9! Together, we can still work to achieve a contract that WE can live with her in California & Nevada. Will it be perfect? No! Because no contract ever is.

But with all of you standing with our bargaining committee, we can work to achieve gains that will benefit every single one of us!



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