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CWA members overwhelmingly voted to ratify the tentative agreement covering 21,000 AT&T Mobility workers under the Orange Contract. Congratulations on a hard-fought contract!

The new contract offers more pay, more job security, and more work for CWA members. As we see AT&T's non-union competition eliminate thousands of jobs, close a dozen call centers, and cut back on pay, we are fighting back against these headwinds for real improvements in the wireless industry.

Although we know this agreement is not everything we deserve, we will keep fighting and are proud of what we achieved together.

Great contracts are not won at the bargaining table. They are won on the shop floor and on the streets. As more and more CWA members become active in our union, we will see our power strengthen. After 11 months of mobilization, tough bargaining and a historic three-day strike, it was you and your coworkers who proved to the company that when we stand together, we win.

Solidarity Forever,

Dennis Trainor
Vice President
CWA District 1


CWA Local 9410 Mobility Tentative Agreement ballots were mailed yesterday Wednesday, December 20, 2017 to our members and are due back by Friday, January 5, 2018.

If you have not receive your ballot as of December 26, 2017, please contact the HALL ASAP at 415 777-9410 ext. 12 and leave your name, address so we can mail a ballot to you ASAP. 

Mobilty Tentative Agreement

2017 UNOFFICIAL Officer and Executive Board election results pending 10 day certification process.

Congratulations to all of the candidates.

Orange Richardson IV 99 (WINNER)
Leon Walker 34
Vice President:
Roland Andersen 105 (WINNER)
Patrick Anderson 29
Plant Executive Board:
Efanye Chibuko 61 (WINNER)
Ruben Medina 51 (WINNER)
John Young 21
Torres Sanders 20
Prem Tech Executive Board:
Alex Legaspi, Jr. 18 (UNOPPOSED)
Marketing Executive Board:
Hong Liu 18 (UNOPPOSED)
Mobility Executive Board:
Joseph Martinez 3 (UNOPPOSED)
Palcare Executive Board:
Chauncy Herbert 5 (UNOPPOSED)
At-Large Executive Board:
Danny Joyeux 7 (UNOPPOSED)
Total ballots counted: 136

Ballots for Local 9410 Officer and Executive Board elections have been mailed today. Follow ALL instructions completely! You will have two ballots in your packet. One ballot to vote for the officer positions and a second ballot to vote for the Executive Board position relative to your job title. Mark your choices clearly and DO NOT deface the ballot in any way. Should you NOT receive your ballot by this Friday, November 3, 2017, call the hall ASAP for a replacement at 415 777-9410 from 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.


 Dear CWA Local Presidents, Members and Friends ,

This session we Opposed the AT&T/Verizon/ telecom industry bill: SB 649 (Hueso) Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. The bill squeaked out of Senate Concurrence last week by 2 votes and now sits on the Governor's desk.

We want him to stamp it VETOED! As part of a large Opposition Coalition that includes hundreds of cities, counties, Labor, environmentalist and public health groups- with your Locals help we believe we can kill this bill!

SB 649 is a corporate power grab that would strip authority from local county and city governments and give it to the telecoms.

Under this bill, AT&T, Verizon et al, will have the right in CA to force up to an estimated 50,000 wireless antennas onto public owned infrastructure and right-of-ways - despite what the local City and County governments and community residents want.

The claimed purpose of this bill is to facilitate the roll out of wireless 5G networks, but fits perfectly with the telecom’s strategy to abandon much of their wireline network and force the migration to wireless service.

There are more details about this corporate power grab/deregulation bill in the attachments.

Don't let AT&T write our laws

We need your help!

Action... Calls!

Please have as many of your members as possible call into the Governor's office to request a Veto!

Please take a few moments to contact the Governor’s Office, call: (916) 445 2841


"Hello, my name is (X) . I'm calling from CWA Local (X) in (city or county X). We stand with (X) County and the Cities of (X,X,- choose from attached list of opposing cities & counties) in requesting that Governor Brown veto SB 649."

"Our union strongly supports policies to advance high speed, next generation communications networks - this bill does nothing to advance those goals. It is a cynical de-regulation corporate power grab, and CWA stands with over 300 cities and counties, in respectfully requesting the Governor's veto for SB 649."

We need to "paper" the Governor's office

Use the attached template letter provided to print and fax to Governor Jerry Brown’s office at 916-558-3160.

If your Local has letterhead please use it. Also use the attached list of over 300 cities and counties who we are standing with to insert into the appropriate spot in your letter.

To email to Governor Brown, use the attached list to insert the information into the template letter, then you will need to do a copy & paste of the template letter and insert into the Email field. Go to the Governor’s email page here: 39mail

In Unity,

Liz Sorenson, Area/Political Director
CWA District 9
2804 Gateway Oaks Dr., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95843
Office: 916-921-4500
Cell: 916-335-6892
Email: [email protected]


Read more >>>


Nominations will be taken at our regularly scheduled membership meeting for all CWA Local Officers, and Executive Board positions for the term 2018 - 2020 as first order of business:

DATE:     Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TIME:      5:00 pm to 5:15pm

PLACE:     CWA Local 9410 Union Hall

                240 Second Street - 2nd Floor

                San Francisco, CA 94105

Officeers:    President

                  Vice President


Executive Board:

                AT&T Plant - 2 seats

                AT&T Marketing - 1 seat

                AT&T Prem Tech - 1 seat

                AT&T Mobility - 1 seat

                Palcare - 1 seat

                At Large - 1 seat (Avaya, CWA Staff, FMI, Retirees, SEIU 1021)

To be eligible to be nominated in accordance with our Local 9410 By-Laws, you must be a member in good standing. Members of the Executive Boad shall be elected by the membership within their particular bargaining unit as listed above. 

CWA Statement on AT&T West Contract Vote

August 10, 2017

Today, members of the Communications Workers of America in District 9 (representing workers in California and Nevada) participated in counting the votes on the tentative agreement reached with AT&T West covering 17,000 workers.
CWA members ratified the agreement by a margin of 58% to 42%.

In Unity,
President Orange Richardson IV



CWA and AT&T reached a Tentative Agreement on July 15, 2017. The new four year agreement will expire April 4, 2020.
Listed below are a few of the highlights of the agreement:

NEW! Tentative Agreement has been reached with AT&T for the CORE. The monitoring days have been reduced for the service representative title from 10 days a month to 8 days a month. The other change was to provide a more defined wage transition schedule for Direct TV employees and retro active payments to the Direct TV employees from January 1, 2017 to date if this agreement is ratified. All changes are subject to ratification.

Significant Wage Increases
* 3.0% retroactive to October 1, 2016
* 3.0% effective upon ratification
* 2.25% - April 8, 2018
* 2.5% - April 7, 2019

Success Sharing Plan
* Success Sharing Plan (SSP) award based on annual AT&T stock performance and dividends ($1,500 paid in 2016)

* Yearly 1% increase in Pension Bands starting in January for years 2017, 2018, 2019and 2020
* Lump Sum Pension Option
* Move from AT&T Savings and Security Plan (ASSP) to AT&T Retirement Savings Plan (ARSP) which provides a broader fund line up and lower administrative, trustee, and recording keeping fees

Health Care
* Medical Plan Cost Share 2018 - 27%, 2019 - 28%, 2020 - 29% as of January 1st each year

   Two Options:
o Lower premiums and higher in-plan cost
o Higher premiums and lower in-plan cost
* Continue Kaiser HMO at a discounted rate
* Employees hired after January 1, 2015, including 410 Premises Technicians, will move to the lower Current Employee Medical Benefits (27%), effective January 1, 2018
* Expand wellness program including personal coaching, web based tools and disease
* Enhanced Dental and Vision plans
* Backfill for Benefits Help Representative

Job Security
* Continue Employee Security Commitment (ESC) and extend it for those hired between April 8, 2012 and April 9, 2016. Pooling and all Article 2 processes remain in effect.
* Continue Enhanced Severance Benefits (ESB)
* Increase relocation allowances
* Continue National Transfer Plan (NTP)
* 2020 Career Path Meeting

Premises Technicians
* $2.15 an hour increase at ratification which includes, $0.55 per hour increase in addition to general wage increases
* 40 hours guaranteed work week
* Decrease time-in-title requirement from 30 to 24 months
* Reduce Mandatory Overtime cap to 14 hours
* Personal Days Off (PDO) count towards the 40 hour work week
* Improve layoff provisions:
       o Increase severance table from 4 to 6 weeks  o Increase layoff notification
       o Layoffs by inverse seniority
* Joint Union and Company Committee on Premises Technician Overtime

DIRECTV Field Services
* DIRECTV West Field Services employees becomes part of Appendix E in the Core agreement, and some of the highlights include:
o $250 lump sum in addition to general wage increases
o Employees will transition to new wage schedules and placed at the step closest to, but notless than employees’ current weekly wages
o Employees not at the top step of their wage schedule will receive a wage increase every 6 months until progressed to the top step
o Health and welfare benefits the same as Premises Technicians
o Work rules the same as Premises Technicians
o Grievance and arbitration procedure
o Horizon’s Training/Retraining Program
o AUTS access

Appendix D
* All Appendix D Technicians will move to Appendix A as Systems Technicians
* Employees will transition to new wage schedules and placed at the step closest to, but not less than employees’ current weekly wages
* Employees not at the top step of their wage schedule will receive a wage increase every 6 months until progressed to the top step
* Will receive Appendix A work rules (e.g. 49 hour rule)
* Employees will move to Core medical benefits

Other Agreements
* Continue Tuition Aid Reimbursement Plan Continue the Horizons Training/Retraining Program
* Joint Union and Company Committee on Monitoring
* Continue Card Check agreement
* Continue Successorship language
* Add Communications Technician and Facilities Technician to the titles receiving work boots
* Arbitration Rights for grievances filed after expiration
* No Strike/No Lockout for the period of time for ratification
* Wage Credit up to 5 years
* No Job Offer Guarantee (JOG) to the Leverage Title
* Leverage Title Target Relief

Retrogressions Fought Back
* Health Care at 32% for all
* Attendance 5 paid days for all
* New hires- no paid sick days
* Freeze Pensions
* Eliminate 49 hour rule
* Eliminate Sunday Premium pay
* Eliminate Sunday plus four scheduling
* Eliminate off shifting pay
* Eliminate employment Security
* Additional Info and Attachments

ZONE E                           CURRENT      AT RATIFICATION     DIFFERENCE
WAGE SCHEDULE 12    $1,569.50       $1,663.67                    $94.17
WAGE SCHEDULE 11    $1,513.50       $1,604.31                    $90.81
WAGE SCHEDULE X      $1,394.00       $1,477.64                    $83.64
WAGE SCHEDULE V         $836.40          $886.58                    $50.18
WAGE SCHEDULE 10    $1,341.00       $1,421.46                    $80.46
WAGE SCHEDULE 9      $1,284.00        $1,361.04                   $77.04
WAGE SCHEDULE 8      $1,270.00        $1,346.20                   $76.20
WAGE SCHEDULE 7      $1,237.00        $1,311.22                   $74.22
WAGE SCHEDULE 6      $1,202.50        $1,274.65                   $72.15
WAGE SCHEDULE 5      $1,148.00        $1,216.88                   $68.88
WAGE SCHEDULE 4      $1,140.50        $1,208.93                   $68.43
DTV & APPENDIX E        $1,040.00        $1,125.60                   $85.60         


 In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 9 AT&T West and DIRECTV Bargaining Teams

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists.

Your Bargaining Committee


We NEED everybody to join CWA strike against at&t today Sunday May 21st at One Powell in San Francisco from 10am to 4pm. In Solidarity!

 NATIONWIDE – AT&T workers, members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), have given company executives until Friday, May 19 at 12noon PT to present serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future. If AT&T officials refuse to negotiate fairly, CWA workers will walk off the job in a three-day strike .This is a short strike - we will walk off the job on Friday, May 19 at 12noon PT and return to work on Monday, May 22 for our scheduled shift. Many AT&T wireless workers across 36 states and DC will join picket lines, as will wireline workers in California, Nevada, and Connecticut, and DIRECTV technicians across California and Nevada. This would be the first time AT&T Mobility workers go on strike, potentially disrupting a large number of retail stores across the country this weekend.

For more information you can call our Hotline number at 415 273-5615 or the Hall 415 777-9410 or visit our Facebook



CWA/AT&T Mobility National Bargaining Benefits Report #4

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