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Settlement from AT&T

 The CWA and the Company entered into a settlement agreement a little over a year ago, out of the grievance and arbitration concerning the Company's removing seating without bargaining with the Union.  Before the settlement became final, it had to be approved by the Court.  The Court did approve the settlement on October 10, 2014.

As part of the settlement AT&T agreed to pay $250 dollars to every Retail Sales Consultant and Sales Support Representative in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who are ON THE PAYROLL on the "effective date".  The "effective date" is defined as 35 days after the Court approves the final settlement in the class action lawsuit. 
The Settlement Agreement also states that the Company will process the payments within 60 days of the "effective date" and the employees will receive this money on their next regular paycheck after processing.  Mobility employees will be receiving the payouts in early January.

In addition, the Company in negotiations with the Union agreed to a new seating policy permitting employees to sit under certain circumstances and  has agreed that it must bargain with the Union if it removes the seating, now provided in most if  not all stores.  It should be noted that although the grievances and arbitration arose in District 9, the remedy is for Mobility employees nationwide.  Any disputes about who should receive the $250.00 will be resolved through the grievance and arbitration process.

Bargaining Report # 97

 August 4, 2014, 12:30 a.m.


As of 11:45 p.m. on August 3rd, the Union and Company have reached a tentative agreement on a new four year contract that expires August 5, 2017. The agreement with Frontier Communications covering our 1,500 members in West Virginia maintains our standard of living, keeps a high-quality health plan, secures pensions and enhances job security.Our new contract was won by you the members after a 13 month on-the-job mobilization campaign. The activities of our membership along with the support of our allies in labor, CWA District 1 and the West Virginia State Legislature proved there is strength in numbers.The Union’s Bargaining Committee understands that our members are anxious to hear the details. We are working on completing a detailed summary of the tentative agreement which will be available sometime Monday

Please Check Frontier Information Tab for Updates

Please check Frontier Information tab for more info.

Bargaining Reports

All Bargaining Reports will be posted in Frontier Information section going forward.

Working without a contract if it happens

 If it comes down to working without a contract what does it mean..........
How will it work?(*)
You will continue to work.
You will still earn a paycheck. The company cannot change your wages or working conditions.
All benefits, including health care, will remain in effect.
The grievance procedure continues, but arbitration probably will not.
You have the legal right to participate in “concerted activity.” You can mobilize on the job, wear buttons and stickers, leaflet and do informational picketing.(*)

We will not simply be working as usual. Mobilization is more important than ever. Our strength in bargaining comes from a strong and visible mobilization. Make sure the company knows that we stand together behind our bargaining team. Wear red. Display signs on your cubicles, lockers, and bulletin boards. Do workplace actions, informational picketing, and rallying.

Stop TPP

 CWA has taken the lead in the pushback against the Trans-Pacific Partnership or NAFTA on Steroids as it has been called.  This is not good for anyone, make sure everyone you know takes a stand that this is bad for the country.  We are against both the Democrats and Republicans on this one.  You will be receiving a handout about this, please take a look and stop the fastrack of TPP!

Local 2004 Gives to Charities

 At our last meeting, we have voted to continue our long standing support to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation and the Union and Union foundation we have supported for many years.

Also, we have for the second year in a row supported and sponsored a person for the Pioneers Sports Jamboree at North Bend State Park. 

These are great causes and many more great things are to come.

 AFL-CIO Conference

Updates to Photo Albums

 There have been many photos uploaded to the Photo Albums section of this website.  Also, please remember our Facebook closed group is always available at

We are a mid-size local in North Central WV, whose members primarily work in the Fairmont / Morgantown area. We are comprised of roughly 115 members whose employers are Frontier Communications, AT&T Wireless, Action Facilities Management and local printing.

Mobilization Coordinator for Frontier Contract

When bargaining with Frontier officially kicks off, as much information as possible will be shared with you by web, e-mail and other action by our Mobilization Coordinator.  Local 2004 Coordinator will be Jeff Anderson.  You can reach Jeff through our e-mail at [email protected], his personal e-mail at [email protected] or by phone.  See the union bulletin board for our contact information.  The entire Executive Board is available for any problems or questions.  This is a very important time.  Stay tuned and stay mobilized.

Please Check AT&T Wireless Tab for Bargaining Updates and Other Important Info

Please check AT&T Wireless Tab for all bargaining and important information.

Contract Agree for AFM Workers

An agreement has been reached for our members at AFM providing security for NIOSH in Morgantown.  Congratulations to all those involved and a special thanks to Don VanScoy for leading the bargaining charge.

Be a part of your Local

Your Local is not just for the Officers or the Stewards.  Get involved and be part of a solution to try to make a better workplace so that we have a future.  Unfortunately, we are all very busy, but take pride and let someone know you want to help out.  We will never turn a way a member.  There is always something that you can do.

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