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FEMA preparedness video

Power outages can happen at any time. Brown outs in the summer, Black outs in the winter, thunderstorms, flooding, and many other conditions can cause the power grid to go down. This short article is not meant to cover every circumstance, that is something that a homeowner can learn to cover in time. This is a general list that may seem obvious, but these are things that you sometimes don't think of until it is too late, and you find yourself in an emergency situation. Read more >>>

The Red Cross recommends that every home should have a First Aid kit. Whether you are a medic or not, you should have a basic kit in your home in case of emergencies.

With the winters the way we've had them in the North east lately, it's best to have an idea of how you can be prepared for a power outage. Your best bet is to have a plan or several plans. You should have a plan in case your power goes out (for three days), and you should have a plan in case you need to exit your home in a hurry. Explain the emergency plan to all members of your family. Read more >>>

The IUE Local 123 office is looking to extend to all of our plants our Occupational Health and Safety information as it  becomes available. This is a work in progress, so expect to see changes frequently as we continue to improve our training and information services.  Read more >>>

Pennsylvania is one of the lowest in the country for standards of renewable energy requirements for our power production. That is, the state has one of the lowest percent standard requirements for energy produced by sources such as Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal, and others. Especially when compared to the Tri-State area states of  New Jersey, and Delaware.Some PA officials are trying to change this. Read more >>>

Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters Read more >>>

ChemHAT, the Chemical Hazard and Alternatives Toolbox, is a new internet database designed to offer up easy to use information that we can use to protect ourselves, our families and our co-workers against the harm that chemicals can cause. Read more >>>

An icky fact: That elevator button or door knob you just touched? It likely has flu germs on it. If you're avoiding the flu, take note. Then wash those hands. Do it the right way -- and do it often, several times a day! Read more >>>

See first hand how President Obama's Affordable care act does help the working class

Following passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, safety and health conditions in our nation's workplaces have improved. Workers' lives have been saved and injury and illness rates have dropped in many industry sectors of the economy. Read more >>>

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