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Regardless of whether you’re shopping for something practical or luxurious, a pickup truck or a small car, a luxury sedan or a functional family SUV, if you want to get a great deal on a new car purchase between now and the end of the year, then these manufacturer incentives will help sweeten your holiday savings.

Before you head to a dealership, sure to use the Union Plus Auto Buying program to view local dealer pricing on any car and to be connected with a local TrueCar Certified Dealer who will provide you pricing information for the vehicle you're researching.

Once you’ve selected your desired vehicle, request a Certificate to get your negotiation-free Guaranteed Savings (available in most states) off MSRP and streamline the buying process to save you both time and money.

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Union-Made Vehicles

Union members who purchase new, union-made cars through the Union Plus Auto Buying Service will receive a $100 rebate 6-8 weeks after purchase.

You could also receive an additional $100 if you purchase a qualifying new, union-made EPA-approved vehicle.

How do you receive your rebates? Simply use the Union Plus Auto Buying Service through TrueCar, by following the link below,  to make your new union-made and green vehicle purchase and Union Plus will be automatically notified and we'll mail you a check.


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