IUE-CWA Local 123

Who's brewing your beer?

Like every other manufacturing industry, the beer industry is feeling the pressures of anti-union management and ownership. Problems like "Right to work", and "Prevailing wage issues", have created a struggle to maintain union membership in the brewing industry. Please take a look at our list of Union produced and supported brewing companies from here in the USA. Consider making one of these your own!


Beer Name,  Union
Anheuser-Busch,  IBT
Budweiser,  IBT
Bud Light,  IBT
Budweiser American Ale,  IBT
Busch,  IAM
Genesee,  IBT/IUOE/UA
Hamm's,  UAW
Hamm's Draft,  UAW
Hamm's Light,  UAW
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve,  UAW
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Ale,  UAW
Icehouse,  UAW
Iron City,  IUE-CWA
Labatt’s Blue,  IBT
Leinenkugel's,  UAW
Lionshead,  IUOE
Mad River,  IAM
Michelob,  IAM
Mickey's Malt,  UAW
Mickey's Ice,  UAW
Miller,  UAW
Miller Lite,  UAW
Miller Genuine Draft,  UAW
Miller Genuine Draft Light,  UAW
Miller High Life,  UAW
Miller High Life Light,  UAW
Miller Lite Ice,  UAW
Milwaukee's Best,  UAW
Milwaukee's Best Light,  UAW
Milwaukee's Best Ice,  UAW
Molson,  IBT
Moosehead,  IBT
Natural Light,  IAM
O'Doul's,  IAM
Olde English 800,  UAW
Pabst,  UAW
Red Dog,  UAW
Rolling Rock,  IAM
Saranac,  IBT
Sharp's (non alcoholic),  UAW
Shock Top,  IAM
Steelhead Fine Ale,  IAM
Stegmaier,  IUOE

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