IUE-CWA Local 123

IUE Local 123 Health and Safety Network

For now, Rob Zorger, acting as our local's OH&S informant, is the contact for any exchange of information for our expanding network of volunteers. By volunteering to join our network, you allow us to spread important information between our differnt plants in our local, that may be beneficial to all. We can also use our network to extend the many resources available on the websites of our IUE-CWA international, CWA international, as well as many other websites.

As always, the local is looking for anyone experienced in the area of Occupational Health and Safety to join us in building this network of volunteers. We feel that there is a wealth of knowledge available to all of our members, but the communicating of this information is the difficulty. Some of your plants may already have an extensive OH&S policy and team in place. If you're a member of a team feel free to share with us any information that you may have. As we move forward, training by both the Local and the IUE international will become available, allowing volunteers to expand their knowledge base.


Please consider getting involved in our Local's Occupational Health and Safety group we are forming. It requires only Internet and email access at home and some time.


Robert Zorger

IUE-CWA Local 123

Secretary Treasurer

[email protected]



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