RMC Chapter 30901 Metro Atlanta

Chapter President's Message

Greetings to all and thanks to all for your valuable help and contributions. Hope you all are enjoying your retirement.
It is a pleasure to invite our CWA Retired Members to participate in our regular meetings and other chapter activities, including our social hour and fun events. Spouses are always welcome. If you are interested in participating with one or more committees, or helping with our events. Please contact the Office of the Chapter’ President directly.
The Metro Atlanta Chapter (30901) of the CWA Retired Members’ Council is better and more energized than ever before. We have thousands of retirees, in North Georgia that we are working with to become more involved in our activities.
Our success is good news for every member of CWA, whether you are retired, about to become a retiree or still have many years to go. We are fighting for retiree issues, but we are also a loud and powerful voice in CWA’s fight for health care, for good jobs and fair trade.

Very special thanks to CWA Georgia Representative Karen Murphy, CWA Local 3218 President Eddie Crumley, CWA Local 3250 President Roy Hegenbart and CWA Local 3204 Executive Vice President Ed Barlow, for being kind and concerned enough to participate in some of our recent meetings. Continuously communicating and sharing information between the active members and the active retired members of CWA is beneficial to all of us.

Remember:"The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.” 
                                      Cesar Chavez

James Starr



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