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Verizon Sickness/ Pensioner Death Benefit

Sickness Death Benefits for employee hired before 12/31/1986

 Sickness Death Benefit

Some retirees (Verizon) are entitled to a death benefit (aka: Sickness/Pensioner Death Benefit) which is payable to certain Beneficiaries at the time of the retirees death.

It is recommended that all retirees call the benefits office to check on their eligibility, their beneficiary information and  ask for written conformation.

Verizon Benefit's number is 1-855-489-2367. When malking the call make sure the benefits associate understands that you are not asking for life insurance. The Sickness/Pensioner Death Benefits is a totally different benefit.

The written confirmation when received,  should be placed with other important documents. It should be noted, that this benefit will expire if not requested within 12 months of the retiree's death.

Please read the following information as it pertains to the Sickness/Pensioner Death Benefit. 

If you were hired on or before December 31, 1986, are employed continuously by Verizon on and
after this date and die from an illness or an off-duty accident (as defined in the Verizon disability
program), your beneficiary may receive a sickness death benefit. This benefit is equal to one year of
your basic rate of pay that was in effect on December 31, 1986, plus all differentials paid to you in
the 12-month period ending on December 31, 1986. (If you were a part-time employee as of that
date, the benefit is based on your normal part-time scheduled hours on December 31, 1986.)
You must remain employed continuously by Verizon. Employees who are hired or rehired after
December 31, 1986 are not eligible even if they are covered under the Mandatory Portability
Agreement and have a net credited service date prior to January 1, 1987. There are three
exceptions to this rule:
• Eligible associates who left with a service pension before December 31., 1986 and are rehired
after December 31,1986 --
• Employees on rotational assignment at Bellcore on December 31, 1986 and who transferred back
after December 31, 1986
• Shared Services employees who transferred back after December 31, 1986 and before the end
date specified in Divestiture Interchange Agreement.

First Mandatory Beneficiaries
Your beneficiary for the death benefit is limited to one or more of the following:
• Your spouse, if he or she is living with you when you die
• Your unmarried, dependent children under age 23 (unmarried, dependent children age 23 or over
qualify as beneficiaries if they are disabled and incapable of self-support)
• A dependent parent, if he or she is living with you or is living in a separate household you provide.
If you have more than one mandatory beneficiary at the time of your death, the Verizon Employee
Benefits Committee (VEBC) will use its discretion in determining how to administer the benefit.
Special rules apply to sickness death benefits provided for associates who transfer from the Verizon
Pension Plan for Mid-Atlantic Associates. For more information on additional sickness death
benefits for which you may quality, you or your beneficiary should contact the Verizon Benefits
Center. (See your Important Benefits Contacts insert.for. the telephone number.)

Second Mandatory Beneficiaries
If you die and no individual qualifies as a first mandatory beneficiary for you, a sickness death
benefit may be paid to your spouse, dependent child or other dependent relative who is entitled to
receive support from you at the time of your death. The VEBC determines when benefits will be paid
and the amount.

If There Is No Beneficiary
In the event there is no beneficiary who is qualified to receive the sickness death benefit, the VEBC
may authorize payments of up to $500 to cover burial costs, as long as the amount authorized is not
higher than the maximum benefit payable to a beneficiary.

Claims and Appeals Procedures
As claims administrator, Verizon's benefits administrator for the Plan has discretionary authority to
determine claims for the Plan. The Verizon Claims Review Committee (VCRC) is the appeals
administrator for the Plan. (See "Administrative Information" in the "Additional Information" section
for the address of the claims and appeals administrator and refer to your Important Benefits
Contacts insert for the telephone number.)
The Plan grants the claims and appeals administrators discretionary authority to:
• Interpret the Plan based on its provisions and applicable law and make factual determinations
about claims arising under the Plan
• Determine whether a claimant is eligible for benefits
• Decide the amount, form and timing of benefits
• Resolve any other-matter under the Plan that is raised by a participant or a beneficiary, or that is
identified by either the claims or appeals administrator.
The appeals committee has the authority to resolve any other matter under the Plan that is raised by
a participant or a beneficiary, or that is identified by the claims administrator.
The claims and appeals administrators have sole authority to decide claims under the Plan andreview and resolve any appeal of a denied claim.

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