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Legal Services:

Marvin Anderman, PC

39 Broadway, Suite 1910

New York, NY 10006

1-212-267-1705 ext 5413

1-888- 909-4362 ext 5413

[email protected]



Retiree Resources:

CWA Retired Members' Council

Communication Workers of America

Alliance for Retired Americans


CWA/Verizon Health Care Coordinator - William Gross
[email protected]
Contact Number: 1-718-447-6870 or Toll Free 1-888-253-3391

Verizon Benefits- Donna Chiffriller

Vice-President -Benefits


Sue Milde (Assistant to Donna)



Verizon Benefits 2013 (medical, dental and life insurance)

1-855-489-2367 (Xerox Solutions)

Verizon Benefits Pre-2013 (medical, dental and life insurance)

1-877-489-2367 (Hewitt) 


CWA District 1

CWA Local 1103

Here are several links that should be of interest to our 1103 AT&T retirees. I hope they will be useful to you and your families. Make special note of the health care coordinator info provided below. Any questions or problems you might encounter with your health care benefits can be refered to the appropriate coordinator.

CWA Communications and Technologies:

This is the National Office of CWA which represents employees and retirees of AT&T, Agere Systems Inc., Avaya Communications, OFS (Atlanta; Sturbridge) and Alcatel-Lucent.

CWA Retiree Info: 

United States Department of Labor

United States Senate

United States House of Representative

United States Department of Veterans Affairs


CWA Appointed AT&T Healthcare Coordinator
Kim Wilburn
[email protected]

CWA Appointed Avaya Healthcare Coordinator
Theresa Douglas
[email protected]

CWA Appointed Alcatel-Lucent Healthcare Coordinator
Steve Brumbelow
[email protected]


Wachovia Benefit Payments Online Web site at

This site gives current or historical pension payment info for retirees

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