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General Membership Meeting Minutes June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015

General Membership Meeting

Holy Rosary School

Hawthorne, NY 10532


Pledge of Allegiance

 Moment of Silence for our departed members, Tommy Wonsor, Ed Maher’s wife, Mary and our servicemen and women.

 Jeanette spoke about the following events that either she or other members of your executive Board attended:

 Verizon’s Shareholder’s Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 7,015

 CWA Convention in Detroit Michigan- June 5-10, 2015

 Contract Rally in Rye, NY June 22, 2015

All the Locals in CWA District 1 along with IBEW held a rally on Monday at the Rye Hilton on Westchester Ave in Rye, NY, because Regional bargaining for this upcoming contract will once again be held there. The rally sponsored by Local 1103 and the theme of the rally was “respect for both working members and retirees.”  Verizon has mentioned that Retiree healthcare may be an issue this go round of the contract and because of that we need all our retiree’s  to support any actions we deem necessary to save our healthcare benefits.  At the rally there were only 4 retirees out of 500 hundred that we have in our Westchester Council/Chapter. I guess many don’t think healthcare is not a big issue. It is for me, but what about YOU??


The Fast Track Authority- The goal of the Fast Track Authority is to push the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) through both houses of Congress without any review of the treaty from our legislative leadership.

 In the last few days there has been a lot of behind the scene negotiations going in both houses but unfortunately even with our petitions and phone calls to get these leaders to see the light on how this treaty will effect American jobs, income and food safety the Fast Track Authority was passed both houses of Congress – with 28 Democrats in the House and 13 Democrat U.S. senators joining the GOP leadership and corporate lobbyist by voting “yes”.


The final TPA bill did not include assistance to workers displaced by trade agreements, even though many of these Democrats had conditioned their support for Fast Track on such aid.

 The final TPA bill also added some awful Republican provisions, such as banning the U.S. Trade Representative from addressing climate change in trade pacts.

 Our Congressman Maloney and Congresswomen Nita Lowey voted against the bill in the House and Senator’s Schumer and Gillibrand did likewise in the Senate.

The fight isn’t over but when we please ask you the member to make a phone call to your Senator and/or Congressman it is very important that you take the time to do so to defeat this treaty until its provisions can be reviewed by our elective representatives. Let’s not allow these global corporations dictate to our government how worker’s pay, rights and safety will be determined.

 Marvin Anderman

Spoke about Trusts, Living wills, Long term nursing home care etc. If you would like to get in touch with Marvin, he now has a direct line at 888-909-4362 ext 35413 or his cell 646-253-4776.

 RMC chapter picnic- We will be having our chapter picnic sometime in the latter part of August at Mohansic State Park (FDR) in Yorktown NY. The date has not yet been determined as of this time. Admission and parking for all chapter members and recent retirees are free. Non-members will be charged $10. If you know of any recent retirees please ask them to attend.

 There was no other business so a motion to close the meeting was made and seconded.

 In attendance:

Jeanette Spoor

Bob Ferguson

Bill Tegmier


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