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General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2015 General Membership Meeting Minutes



September 24, 2015

General Membership Meeting

Holy Rosary School

Hawthorne, NY 10532


Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Silence for our departed members, Tommy Wonsor and, our servicemen and women.


Picnic review- We spoke about the great time we all had on August 26, 2015 at our Chapter’s picnic at FDR Park. We had over 30 retirees attend and our guest speaker was Joe Mayhew, Local 1103 Secretary/Treasurer.


Mobilization - Your chapter’s Executive Board and fellow retirees have been busy lately mobilizing at Verizon garages setting up informational lines in front of the garages. We always need more retirees to show up so please be available when we call or e-mail you if you are interested in maintain your free benefits.


Contract News – The Company has been dragging their feet in recent negotiations meetings but have said in a letter to Dennis Trainor VP of District 1, that if a new contract is not signed by the middle of October the company will begin mailing out enrollment materials regarding changes to the Verizon MEP for NY and NE associates to be in time for the annual enrollment period for plan year 2016.  The enrollment materials will reflect the plan designs set forth in the Sept. 19, 2012 Memorandum of Understanding.    Per that memorandum, retirees will begin paying towards their cost of medical coverage in 2016. 


Upcoming Chapter Elections- Our chapter elections will be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at our general membership meeting. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions on the Executive Board, you must be a current dues paying member of the Chapter and a Council member and have your letter of nomination sent to the union hall by October 15, 2015. Please address all nominations to:

CWA Local 1103 RMC

 Election Committee

345 Westchester Ave

Portchester, NY 10573


Election Committee- Our Election Committee this year will comprise of Bill Townsend, Committee Chairman and Kathi Lawrence and Mary Savage as committee members. We like to thank these members for stepping up and taking the time to see that the Chapter elections are in compliance with our Chapter By-Laws.


Holiday Party- Our Holiday Party will be held on Saturday December 5th from Noon to 4pm at the Traveler’s Restaurant on Route 100 (Millwood) Ossining, NY.


Since we had no other new business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.


In attendance

Jeanette Spoor

Bill Tegmier

Bob Ferguson


 General Membership Meeting November 14, 2013
Holy Rosary School
170 Bradhurst Ave
Hawthorne, NY

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence for our deceased members and veterans

Introduce our Election Committee- Chairperson –Jim Condon, Artie Sacchitello, and John Durkins.

Election committee will:
-Read the names of all nominees and the position they are vying for on the Executive Board
-Verify that their letters were postmarked before the deadline date of October 15, 1013
-Verify that all nominees are both Chapter/ Council members and members in good standing

-The Chairperson, if all the above information has been adhered to will call for a secret ballot election to be held at this time.
-Only members who are both Chapter/ Council members will be eligible to vote. The Election Committee will have a list of all eligible voters
- After all ballots are cast; the Election Committee will tally the Vote and declare the winners.

Election Results- Since there was no opposition to the Current board the results of the secret ballot election were as follows for the following positions:

President: Jeanette Spoor
Vice- President: Ed Caperna
2nd Vice-President: Bill Tegmier
Secretary: Carol Schmitz
Treasurer: Bob Ferguson

On behalf of the Board we like to thank all our chapter members for their continued support of their current Executive Board.

Annual Enrollment 2014- Open from November 7 to November 21, 2013

Political- Phone banking can be done from the hall and from at home. We need more participation from retirees. 2014 will be a critical year for our health care benefits. That is why it is so important to have political leaders who are sympathetic to retiree’s causes

Holiday Luncheon- Tuesday, December 10, 2013 from noon until 4pm at the Travelers Rest Restaurant, Route 100, Millwood, NY. The price will be $45 per person and we will need a RSVP by December 6th, 2013. Please RSVP to Bob Ferguson, our Treasurer, to his cellphone 914-260-0793 or his e-mail [email protected]
In the event that the Luncheon needs to be canceled due to inclement weather the rescheduled date will be Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Next General Membership Meeting will be in March 2014, the date TBA

Guest Speaker- Greg Wind, Pleasantville Ambulance Corp.
Greg gave us a synopsis of what to do while waiting for an ambulance if someone in your household is experiencing a life threating event such as a heart attack, not breathing or a fall.

Close the meeting.




AGENDA FOR GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING ON THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2013, Noon to 3pm Holy Rosary Church Hawthorne, NY Pledge of Alligance Moment of silence for Gerry Horgan,Tommy Wonsor and all other deceased chapter members and veterans. Agenda at the Membership meeting on September 12, 2013 We honored Tommy Wonsor today, with a luncheon to show our appreciation for all he did for the chapter and retiree. . Tommy was the Chapter’s first President and one of the original founders of our chapter. Food and beverages were served. -Discuss upcoming nomination for Chapter’s Executive Board election in November Handout of By-Law Article 14 – Election of Executive Board Members (Bob has handouts) Ask for volunteers to be on the Election Committee and discuss what is required of them: -Adherence to Article 14 copy issued to all committee members -Draft election nomination letter -Review eligible Chapter/Council membership voting list- list is to be held in strictest confidentiality. -Mail out of nomination Postcards to eligible members -The Election Committee will tabulate all nominations received by mail and addressed to the Election Committee at the Union Hall. Please refer to Article 14 for further committee responsibility’s and refer any questions to Carol Schmitz, Secretary, CWA Local 1103 RMC. Election Committee Members: Chairman-Jim Condon, Committee members: John Durkins and Artie Sacchitello all volunteered to be on the Election Committee. They were given the Chapter/Council membership list and they will draft a letter to all eligible members notifying them of the nomination opening for all positions on the Executive Board. The Executive Board would like to thank these members for volunteering their time for the chapter. -Discuss Reimbursement of Medicare Part B premium and Medicare Part D drug plan (Bob has Handouts) -Review District 1’s LPAT mobilization in Albany on June 13, 2013. Both the 1103 Executive Board and members along with the RMC and 300 other members from union’s representing District 1 in NY state descended upon Albany to fight to get our elected officials to support two bills: The Call Center jobs bill that would bring new telecom jobs to NY state and the moratorium of Verizon’s Voice Link in NY state that will have an adverse effect on our members jobs in the future. Review the rally that we attended on September 9, 2013 in Crossriver, NY with Assemblyman Buchwald. Members concerns over the company’s plan to roll out Voice-Link and stop any further deployment of FiOs and how it will affect jobs and union membership. Mention that on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Verizon under pressure from residents of Fire Island, the PSC and the Union, Verizon has decided to forgo implementation of Voice-Link on the island and begin the build out of FiOs offering Voice and Internet access for the residents of Fire Island. Announce that we recently loss two RMC members in June and in their names we made the following donations: Peter McGovern- Check #1206 for $25 to the United Hospice of Rockland Richard Booth- Check #1203 for $25 to Our Lady Star of the Sea. Stain glass restoration project from the aftermath of Sandy on Cape May, NJ Medical open enrollment begins on November 7, 2013. If retiree decides to keep the coverage he/she has no action is needed on their part. Patrick Welsh made mention that Verizon will be buying Vodaphone’s 49% stake in Verizon. Verizon will be floating a bond to support this sale and there were questions raised about how this buyout would affect our pension and healthcare benefits as other company’s like Time Warner and IBM are pushing there retirees into the new health care exchanges. Annual Holiday Party- will be held on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 from Noon until 4pm at the Travelers Rest Restaurant, Route 100, Millwood (Ossining), NY. Price will be $45.00 per person. We will be asking our members to RSVP by December 6th if they intend on attending the luncheon. All RSVP’s will be sent to Bob Ferguson, Chapter Treasurer. His phone number is 914-260-0793 and his e-mail is [email protected] General Membership meeting November 14, 2013- 10am until Noon at the Holy Rosary School, Bradhurst Ave, Hawthorne, NY. Agenda: Chapter elections for all positions on the Executive Board also our guest this meeting will be an certified emergency responder who will instruct us on “ What to do while waiting for the EMT’s. For those who want to refresh their CPR skills or learn how to do CPR this is the meeting to attend. Attendance List- There were 25 people in attendance. Close the meeting.


May 29, 2013 (Wednesday)
Holy Rosary Church
Hawthorne, NY
Pledge of Alliance
Moment of Silence- Gerry Horgan, Ron Gianazza and John Hyler and veterans

Old Business: Meeting November 14, 2012
Discussed upcoming Holiday Party
Changes in Medical Plan for 2013 with the signing of the new contract

New Business:
MARCH 19, 2013 Canceled due to snow storm
Announce that Phyliss Cole-Hollis has asked to step down and the Executive Board has asked Ed Caperna, who has accepted, to fill in for Phyliss for the remainder of her term. The board has appointed Ed as Vice-President and has moved Carol Schmitz to the Secretary position.
Swearing in of Ed Caperna as Vice-President and Carol as Secretary by President Jeanette Spoor
Holiday party at Travelers Rest. Over 60 people attended; gifts and raffles. Thanks everyone for supporting the chapter.
At the Local’s General Membership Meeting on March 21st at the Brewster Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall, we ran a 50/50 raffle to raise money for our chapter. Prior to the drawing, Chief Steward Pat Mcdonnell asked the membership for any donations they were willing to make for his 11 year old nephew, Doug Gonzalez who has already undergone 2 brain surgery’s for removal of brain tumors and was within the coming week was going to undergo an experimental treatment involving proton radiation. Doug’s father had recently lost his job and the family was falling behind on both their medical and family bills. The RMC chapter donated their share of the 50/50 winnings, which was $110 to Dougie’s family as well as Pete Pizzalongo donating a portion of his winnings.

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
On Friday April 5th Jeanette and Bob together with BA Joe Mayhew meet with Congressman Sean Maloney at his district office in Newburgh, NY to discuss the pending Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. This agreement being negotiated by major corporations in the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and to include China and Japan will make it safe for corporate investment and profits by reducing labor costs and undercutting worker’s rights; dismantling labor , environmental, health and financial laws and regulations that could impact profits; and setting up a process to resolve any disputes by going through special international tribunals rather than our own court systems. As of yesterday we were told that Congressman Maloney has agreed to stand behind us in opposing the TPPA.

Fair Elections for New York
With only five weeks left in the legislative session, we call upon you to enact comprehensive campaign finance reform including: public financing of legislative and state wide races, lower limits on and full disclosure of campaign contributions, and strong enforcement. New Yorkers deserve better than the current pay-to-play culture. To change the culture, you need to change the system! Please sign the petition that Joe Mayhew is handing out.

Petition Background

New York is in the grip of a political crime wave. In the last 7 years, 32 New York State elected officials have been arrested, indicted, convicted, jailed, censured or resigned in disgrace. New York's legislators are more likely to lose their seat through arrest than at the polls. Regardless of party or ideology, these wrongdoers share one thing: they abused their positions of public trust and perverted our democracy to pursue personal gain. We must change this culture of corruption by changing the system. This requires public financed Fair Elections to attract candidates who will not be beholden to special interests, but will work for the public good. And we have only six weeks left in the session to do it!

Maine, Connecticut, Arizona, and New York City have public financing systems. The cost for New York State would be just $2 per voter PER YEAR, less than a cup of coffee per year! In Connecticut, 75% of candidates have chosen to run with public financing alone. This has made an amazing difference in the integrity of politics and policy in that state.

We the undersigned demand that New York's legislature and Governor enact meaningful, transparent, enforceable public financing of elections now, including limits on and disclosure of campaign contributions. We must ensure that the pay-to-play culture in Albany is eliminated.

 2013 National/ Retired Members Council Convention
National and Retired Members Council Convention was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from April 20 through April 23 2013. Both Jeanette Spoor and Bob Ferguson attended along with the Executive Board of Local 1103. We would like to mention that the Executive Board of 1103 helped the Chapter with a donation of $500 towards our expenses for the Convention.
At our Retired Members Council Convention on Saturday April 20,2013 the Council members worked on updating and amending the Council’s By-Laws along with setting up an agenda to get our retired chapter members throughout the United States more involved. Coffee and donuts are no longer enough we all have to stick together and get personally involved.
The nine District President’s, throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, each spoke about what their districts were doing to become more pro-active:
Working to get politicians elected who are labor friendly
Working to get legislation passed on the local, state and National level that will preserve retiree’s pensions and healthcare benefits.
Working to help get legislation passed to make it easier to unionize workers. Today only 6.5% of the private sector is union down from 35% in 1970. As the union go so do our benefits. When there is no union left to negotiate a contract, does anyone think that a corporation’s like Verizon will feel obligated to continue to offer you medical and pension benefits?
Working to get legislation passed to keep American Jobs in America
Working to help support our returning young homeless veterans
Working to stop the attack against Unionized Public workers
Fighting to stop the rollback of Voting rights
Fighting against corporate campaigns that are obstructing migrant worker’s right to organize
But most important we retirees have been asked by the National Union’s campaign to get our Senators from NY to support the appointment of the 5 new members of the NLRB (National Labor Review Board). If these appointments are blocks the NLRB will cease to exist which brings us to CWA’s GIVE US FIVE Camapign

The Senate is dysfunctional. That's not news to anyone following the long list of agency and judiciary nominations that are going nowhere.
That might be okay for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its allies, which prefer that agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau don't function. Or that important courts like the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals limp along as qualified candidates to that federal court can't get a confirmation vote.
But it makes no sense for our democracy. And it will do a great deal of harm to our country.
Case in point: Workers have lost the vital safeguards because of the dysfunctional Senate's reluctance to confirm five members of the National Labor Relations Board. Since earlier this year, a growing number of corporations have seized on a DC Circuit decision that found President Barack Obama's recess appointments unconstitutional and are using it as an excuse to reject and block previous NLRB decisions. Workers at Starbucks, CNN, Domino's Pizza and many more have now lost the protections of the law.
The NLRB is the only agency that enforces workplace rights for more than 80 million employed in the private sector. That's why workers, whether they're in a union or not, are saying, "Give Us Five" and confirm all five nominations to the NLRB. Working people know what's at stake. They know that even under the best circumstances, justice is hard to come by. Now, the Senate is making it virtually impossible for workers to gain the justice they deserve. And what does that say about our democracy?

Be sure to tell your Senators to give us 5 National Labor Relations Board members! Call them at 1-888-768-6167 today!

Has any members encountered any medical / prescription questions issues that they would like to address?
I recently received a call from a retiree in regard to prescription drugs and the new policy Verizon retirees are dealing with.
I went to the "Your Benefits - Connected" booklet we all received the end of last year and found the following information on page 7 of that booklet:
Save Money on Prescription Drugs
There are several ways you can save on the cost of prescription drugs. This includes choosing a generic drug when available and using the mail order pharmacy for long-term (maintenance) prescription medication.
Using Generics
Many brand medications, referred to as multi-source brand medications, have a generic equivalent available. Generics have the same active ingredient formula as brand-name drugs, but they are much less expensive, which can translate into savings for consumers Single-source brand medications do not have a generic equivalent, but there is often a generic alternative available that treats the same condition and will cost you less.
If your doctor prescribes a medication, make sure to ask if there is a generic version. For pre-Medicare retirees only —If you choose a brand-name medication when a generic equivalent is available, you will pay the generic copay/coinsurance plus the difference in cost between the brand-name and generic. This additional cost will apply unless your doctor certifies that you are medically unable to take the generic medication and the exception is approved by Express Scripts.

Using the Mail Order Pharmacy
(for Long-Term Maintenance Medications)
If you or a family member take maintenance medications—for example, for high blood pressure— you can save money by using the mail order pharmacy program.
If you fill a maintenance prescription more than three times (initial prescription plus two refills) at a retail pharmacy, you will pay 50% of the cost of that drug beginning with the fourth fill and for all subsequent fills plus, if you use an out-of-network pharmacy, 100% of the difference between the retail cost and the discounted network price. Plan maximums will not apply. So, for maintenance prescriptions, mail order offers savings as well as the convenience of ordering a 90-day supply of your medication.

One problem that we encountered was with the drug mail in program with Express Scripts dealing with Brand name vs Generic drug mail-in prescription prices. Many members have seen their cost rise from $50 for a 90 day mail in to $380. After calling Express Scripts we found that the increase was due to the price difference between generic and Brand name drugs. If you cannot take the generic drug substitute for the brand name, you will have to make an appeal to Express Scripts. The appeal is an easy process and it’s a matter of calling your doctor and giving him your name, birthdate ID number and stating that you cannot take the generic brand and that your prescription must be filled with the brand name and that it be DISPENSED AS WRITTEN. Personally I got a reply from Express Scripts within two days notifying me that my appeal has been approved.

We gave a handout to the members at the meeting about the Sickness Death Benefits and asked then to call the benefits office and get a certification letter showing their spouses as being a beneficiary and if they were unable to get the needed information from Xerox (Verizon Benefits), they were to call Donna Chiffriller’s office for assistance.
Verizon Benefits 1-855-489-2367
Donna Chiffriller – VP Human Resource - 908-559-3200
Sue Milde – Assistant -908-559-2883


This year will be holding Chapter elections for all positions on the Executive Board. Nominations will begin in September and elections will be held during our November general membership meeting. To be eligible to vote you must be both a Chapter and Council member to vote. If you have any questions, please contact our Secretary- Carol Schmitz at [email protected]

If anyone has not paid their member dues yet please send their check to the Hall addressed to CWA Local 1103 RMC

We asked our members to go onto our web site and down load the COPE forms and make a monthly contribution

We informed our members that at our next General Membership meeting we were going to try to get the Hawthorne Ambulance Core to come in and give us a course in CPR.

A made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded ending our meeting.


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