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Surcharge for Medicare Prescription Part D

 Medicare Benefits Changes for Verizon Retirees


As part of the 2013 Medicare benefits changes, Medicare beneficiaries with higher incomes will have an additional premium for their prescription drug plan. This is called Part D IRMAA (Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount).

Those being affected would have received a letter from Social Security a few months back. For more information on how this additional premium is calculated and who is affected, click here:

Verizon HR  will reimburse retirees who are being charged this extra premium for MEDICARE D prescription drug plan.

To receive reimbursement, please mail or fax a copy of the Medicare Part D IRMAA letter you received from Social Security to Verizon Benefits center as proof of the additional premium. NEW DOCUMENTATION must be sent in every year to continue to receive the reimbursement.

IRMAA letter must be mailed to:
Verizon Benefits Center
P.O. Box 8998
Norfolk, VA 23501-8998

Or faxed to:

Please note that this reimbursement will not impact all recipients of Medicare D.

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